What College Students Should Do With Their Christmas Money

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Most often times, college student are normally given money which they are given a lee way of how they will decide to use the money which they have been given. The festive season is a time that family is able to come together and just share the love and food at the same time while being grateful for a year well spent.

Most college kids are normally given an allowance for such as time, and they are given the free will to spend it as they wish. College students don’t have enough money for themselves and some may have ended up saving or working for it while others may be gifted money by their family members just to spend the holiday season with something in their pockets. Some things that a college student may end up buying during the Christmas season may include:

Christmas Gifts

Be it for the family, friends or even for themselves, gift giving is a very essential part of the festive season and one is normally expected to at least give something no matter how small it is. The thought is what counts. Hence, one is able to easily get the money and buy the various gifts that they believe will be appreciated by the person that they are giving depending on their various preferences. Hence, one is able to use their money well.

Host a Party for Friends

Hosting a party need not be something major, but they may end up buying the things to help facilitate the party which is an essential bit for one to be able to just make their friends happy instead of buying gifts. One may easily be able to do a themed party where friends are able to come together and just share the joy of friendship and love on each other without any boundaries as this is a good way to end the year and also just be together in one place. One may actually have a few friends who will be willing to stand with them and have an amazing party which they may have a cook out, inexpensive drinks just to enjoy each other company.


For young college kids, shoes are an important because of all the walking. In addition, one may be able to get the shoes that they have been planning to buying for the longest time but since they did not have the finances at that time, then during the Christmas season they will be able to buy the shoes for themselves and start their holiday and new year on a high note.


In addition, during the festive time, shopping is a very essential part as one is able to do their shopping for the next coming year with the Christmas money that they will be given. This then makes one start their year feeling all new sine they have a new wardrobe that they are able to show off and have fun with all year round. Some people have a thing where they believe that each year should have its own color scheme and that they should always be able to reach the various standards that they have set for themselves. This mostly happens with ladies. As far as men are concerned, he may just add a few more pairs of jean or t-shirts to their wardrobe and be sorted out for the next year. But shopping is normally a big part of the holidays.

A Car

Nevertheless, one is also able to buy themselves the car that maybe they have been saving for and the Christmas money is all that they needed in order to complete their expenses which will help them purchase the car. This then helps them move about more easily and just makes them happy that they were able to achieve their dream. A car is normally a very important mile stone for any college student and this makes them feel proud about themselves having achieved such a goal. Gives one a sense of fulfillment to some extent.

Shop for Charity Purposes

For some college students, giving to charity is a very important aspect for them as they are able to give back to the society. They may be able to form a group whereby they use their Christmas allowance to feed the hungry, help in shelters, and donate things for orphanages among many other things. They may just want to share the festive love that they believe every person is entitled to. Hence, one is able to easily give back to the society regardless of them being left without that much money in their pockets, they would rather put a smile on an individual’s face since they know at least they have it better than other people. Hence, they would rather donate the money for a charitable cause.


For other individuals instead of having to go out and spend  money, they would rather save the money for the better future which they believe they might need. Hence, one may easily open a savings account which they will be able to invest their money into and just let it mature by itself and grow on it own without them having to spend it in things that they know that thy do not need. At the end of it all they be able to withdraw the money and buy something that they had planned on buying for themselves after a long while which is a great achievement.

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