Top Majors Getting Jobs After Graduation

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Finishing college is that but the beginning of the journey. Most graduates end up searching for jobs for months or even years before they find their dream job and position.  This is because most jobs require experience, which most graduates do not have at the time of college completion. Most of the jobs that offer the best paying opportunities for college graduates are STEM jobs. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. The following are some of the top jobs for graduates who are fresh out of college.

Top Jobs after Graduation

  1. Chemist- They use chemicals and their knowledge to improve the standards of living. They may develop products such as cosmetics, drugs, and even synthetic fibers. In ancient to this, they create processes that aid in curbing pollution, reducing the use f energy, and even refining oil. Having a degree or diploma in this field gives a graduate an upper hand due to its versatile use. A chemist has the ability to specialize in areas like materials chemistry, medical chemistry, macromolecular, physical, theoretical, inorganic, organic, and analytical chemistry.
  2. Molecular biologists- Holders of diplomas or degrees in this field are needed in various fields. They study plant, animal, and human codes cell processes. They incorporate their acquired knowledge in physics, genetics, cell physiology, chemistry, and other sciences. They work through experimentation to get results and content in various research areas. They are always room for more research with respect to engineering plants or testing drugs. They deal with duties and responsibilities such as interpreting results, recording information accurately, differentiating and organizing cells, expressing genes, signaling cells, and sequencing genes, among other activities.
  3. Linguistic specialist- They perform consultations, experiments, and studies that are related to language. All the available jobs in this field of study deal with analyzing words and developing an overall language understanding. The respective duties vary opening on the aim that the specialist seeks to achieve. Some f their duties and responsibilities might include linking the relationships between various languages through history or tracking down the history of sound or words.
  4. Political scientist- They deal with the operation, development, and origin of political systems. They analyze issues that relate to governments, policies, and related trends. Graduates employed in this field of study might be required to study issues such as ideologies, making political decisions, and public opinions. In addition to this, they might be needed in analyzing public documents, election results, and the operation and structure of various political entities. These entities are subject to modification and restructuring, thus the input is in high demand.
  5. Food scientists- These people work to improve and develop the latest of foods. They do this by altering the processes involved in production and packaging, appearance, texture, flavor, and the products’ nutritional value. This means that government agencies, academic institutions, and food processing companies mostly employ them. They help these institutions when it comes to the competition. Altering their products affects their competitive power. This means that the subject institutions rely on graduates who have diplomas and degrees in this field highly.
  6. Accountant- For a new accountant in the market, the following duties and responsibilities are in order. They include:
    • Reporting and comforting to the procedural standards of the business
    • Analysis, examination, and preparation of financial statements, accounting records, and other financial records for completeness and accuracy assessment
    • Analyze, maintain, and develop budgets
    • Preparation of periodic reports that help in making comparisons between actual costs and the budgeted costs
    • Establishment of a table of accounts
    • Assignment of entire to their designated accounts
    • Making reports to the management about the establishment of finances
    • Analyzing business obligations, financial commitments, revenues, costs, trends, operations, to provide advice and projections of future expenses and revenues
    • Computing the taxes owed and paid by the business

All businesses and companies require an accountant to help them in various tasks. Thus, this field is highly welcoming of graduates who hold degrees and diplomas in accountancy relate courses.

  1. Hotel management- Hospitality managers are in charge of running daily operations in hotels and restaurants. Some of their tasks include maintaining the financial and administrative records, ensuring customer satisfaction, ensuring facility maintenance, and overseeing the personnel. Most of their duties and responsibilities are specific to the hospitality facility in question. Some of them require the managers to hire and fire personnel, interview new personnel, monitoring various facilities, track the budgets, price, and even coordinate office activities.
  2. Nursing- This involves providing and planning nursing and medical care to patients at home or in hospitals. This job does not only involve aiming the healing process of the ill, but it also involves offering support and advice to patients and their families. Additionally, they work towards helping the diagnosis process, helping with the paperwork of the facility, and providing follow-up care to the invalids. Some facilities offer substantial salaries to college graduates who choose to work with them.
  3. Communication specialists- This specialist is in charge of the company external and internal communications. Most of the time they are restricted to the normal business hours, but with time they tend to work on emerging issues or company deadlines. They deal with tasks such as marketing materials, press release editing, designing press releases, preparing and sending notes to form management, job descriptions, or memos. Additionally, they manage online content and make sure that the company stays up to speed with the changing online requirements.
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