Ideas for College Kids to Earn Money Over Holiday Break

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Holidays are normally a time that one may easily be able to make money if they wish to. There are very many opportunities that one may be able to go for in order to make money for themselves and also gain experience at the need of it all. One is then able to grown and learn a lot in the whole process.

Being on holiday may be exciting but at the need of it all it may end up getting boring once one has stayed home for a few weeks as the routine is just the same and there is no difference whatsoever. One has no project or assignments that they are able to think about, no exams to keep one on toes that they are supposed to study for and one normally has more time than they need in their hands and this may end up being very stressful for them.

However, there are many was that one is able to kill the time while at the same time make some money which is a good thing. Some for the jobs that one may easily be able to do include:

Shoveling Snow

In the event that one lives in an area where snow tends to be a nuisance from time to time, then they may take up the job of offering shoveling services to their neighbor and also to their family members. At the need of the day, one may easily be paid for their services and do a good work of getting their name out there which one never knows what might happen for them.

Not many people love the whole process of shoveling snow from their compounds as it is a tedious process, and some actually don’t mind paying for the services as long as one does it well. In addition, some people may end up having very busy schedules that they may have no time to do the snow shoveling for themselves, hence a job opportunity for the individual is created.

Be a Distributor

In addition, one needs to take up the opportunity that various employees be it large or small normally look for either high school children or even college student who will help out in the distribution of fliers or any other marketing items that may need to go public. Hence, one may easily offer their services as distributors or to help with promotions of various things which may include events among many other things.

This then at the need of it all allows one to earn an income while having fun at the same time. One may look around at the local businesses be it coffee shops or even ice cream shops and ask if they need any help in the marketing of their places at a fee.


This is one of the best services that one may easily offer in the event that they are good with babies. It a good way to make extra cash on the side. In addition, given the fact that most people are normally busy with their schedules on holidays organizing various things and even office parties, one may then just need a break. One may then end up offering to watch their family members, neighbors, siblings or even nieces and nephews at a fee. One will be able to bond with them and have fun while at it. One may easily create posters that will help in marketing their services to the rest of the neighborhood. This then gets the word out there and one is able to babysit and make money in the process.

Watch Someone’s Pet

Pet sitting is also a lucrative way of making money. In the event that one is simply staying at home, then they may be able to do some pet sitting. Most individuals may be wanting to travel during the various holidays and the paces that they go to may end up not being animal friendly.

Hence, one may easily be able to stand in and take care of the pet while the owners are away. This is another thing that one may easily advertise using posters so that they may be able to get the word out there that they are offering the services.

Clean Out Your Closet

In addition, one may end up cleaning up their closet as there may be clothes that they necessarily do not need, and they may easily come up with a yard sale whereby they may sell their clothes happily without there being any restriction. This is a good way for making money while at the same time being able to create more room to get in new things.

Sell Some Things on the Internet 

Individuals have been able to sell a lot of things through the internet and been able to make a lot of money through the process. As people are able to buy the things, one then get an income over the holiday and this is a very lucrative thing that they may easily be able to do for themselves. One may use various social media platforms which include eBay, Instagram, Facebook just to mention but few. It’s a very easily way to make money.

Get A Job

There are many jobs that one may easily be able to get into that do not require a lot of qualifications for an individual. One ma easily be able to do some cashier work over the holiday which is a good thing. In the event that one had a previous job before, they then are able to call back the owner and ask if they can be coming in during the holidays and just keep busy. This improves one’s CV and also helps one keep off being idle and earn a little extra cash for themselves.

In conclusion, one may be able to get a job that will help them keep busy throughout the whole time that they are on holiday as they make money that will enable them to enjoy the holidays well and also keep busy at the same time.

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