Tips for Moving Out of the Dorms for the Summer

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The end of the spring semester is approaching and for those who do not stay in summer, it means packing and moving. Trying to grab the value of the Year of Things you’ve collected at your dorm can be daunting, especially as you try to complete finals. Packing up your dorm room can be a nightmare, you’ve probably been absorbed by the final exams, the final reports, and your friends you already miss, so packing your dorm is the last thing you want to do. 

It can be very painful to think of leaving the place you called home for the past two semesters, not to mention finding a way to put everything in your pockets and crates. Whether you like it or not, the day is fast approaching when you have to leave the dorm, and you have to be prepared. 

First, do not leave all the packing for the day you move. All other members of your dorm will move the same day, including your roommate, to make things more hectic. Packing small quantities at a time can help ease that craze. It’s hard to spend hours and hours in the finals, so set yourself small goals,

Below are tips for students packing their dorms for the summer.

Throw the junks

  • You know all the flyers that you confiscated at the club’s show earlier this year? All the memorabilia from sporting events and events. Begin by eliminating the odds you accumulated during the year so you can pack what you bring home. Start formally disassembling your room by ripping your favorite posters of artists or icons, taking down photos of friends.

Donate or sell unused items:

  • One reason to start packing early is to give yourself time to clean things that you do not need or that you no longer need. No sense to load this house!

Move in steps.

  • If you go home on a weekend, you should bring winter items that you know you do not need.

Use storage containers wisely

  • If you have space in the containers, use it for packaging. The same applies to suitcases or luggage. This will reduce the boxes you need to pack your dorm.

Fold all clothes

  • Before you start packing, you should first make a list of everything in your room to make sure you do not miss the day of the move. Make a list of all your clothes, valuables, toiletries, books, etc. Then group them into categories based on things you want to bring home, store, donate, or sell. As summer approaches and the weather gets warmer, you probably need less thick sweatshirts and knit scarves, but more seasonal ones and cardigans. If you find that your cold weather clothes collect dust in your closet, you can also start packing them by folding and storing them! If you have your suitcase lying around and pack the things that you know you will not need in advance, you will need to pack less on the day you finally leaving.

Organize your room a few weeks ahead before moving out

  • To be honest, most rooms get messy throughout the semester, and before you know it, you’re missing a few socks and can’t seem to find that one jacket, even though you know it’s somewhere.  The key to not Leaving something behind the move day is to have organized early so you do forget anything while your parents are trying to load the car.

Safe or suitcase

  • Collect containers to store your belongings and be sure to mark them. This will make sure you know what they contain when you unpack again next semester. You can reuse old Amazon boxes or go to a post office to get boxes for free.

Do not try to put all your belongings in the only suitcase you have at school. 

  • The packaging must not be pretty at all, so do not hesitate to throw your clothes in dustbins or laundry bags! It’s all about transportation, so use everything you need to get your stuff home. Once you are back, you can have all the time to unpack and organize.

Do not wait until the last minute

  • The best advice for a successful summer move without stress? Start packing and planning early! If you bring everything you can as fast as possible, you will have less to do on the day of the move and will drive faster in the summer!

Check your room twice

  • If you leave something behind, do not expect to find it again. So do a thorough check of your room before you leave, then do it again, just to be sure.
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