Best places in Europe for US students to travel for a summer vacation

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Traveling to Europe can be expensive, but if you avoid tourist places like London and Paris, and you are creative, you can avoid the high prices and get good prices.

Listed below are places in Europe USA students can travel to for summer vacation

Berlin, Germany

  • Berlin is famous for being one of the cheapest capitals in Europe. Until a few decades ago, Berlin was divided into two poles. Despite the disappearance of the Berlin Wall, dualism persists on many levels. On the one hand, Berlin is an old city with many historical monuments and museums (do not forget to bring your student ID!), But on the other hand, the value of preservation was never strong here, so the city remains young. You can visit museums and historic parties during the day and then enjoy the wildest nightlife with the sounds of the world’s most famous DJs. You can dine in the lavish restaurant with the whole kitchen of your choice, or you can just make a bratwurst for $ 3 and wash it with a pint of fine German beer for the same price.

Czech Republic

  • Prague is the world capital of gothic architecture and the best beers. However, you must know that the same applies to the rest of the country. Medieval castles and churches, old breweries and bed and breakfasts with cheap local food await you throughout the Czech Republic. They are so dense here that you should not be surprised to find literally an old torture chamber in the adjoining room of a brewery.


  • The potential tourist attractions of Poland are often overtaken by the most famous cities of Berlin and Prague. This is a clear advantage to your budget and allows you to avoid the massive tourist crowds on your vacation. The architecture of Krakow is undoubtedly as exciting as that of Prague and Vienna. If you walk through the cobbled streets and look around in Gothic churches and synagogues, you can just drink a beer too much. If you are more into the story, you can take a tour to the notorious Auschwitz, which is in the immediate vicinity. In the north, Poland has access to the Baltic Sea. Do not be frightened by the northern location – the sea gets very hot in the summer and the Baltic coast has beaches everywhere. The jewel of this coast is the city of Gdansk. Most of the old town was built in the 15th century, but the fact that it is not so famous with tourists adds to the trend.


  • This country is already known for the affordable factor that requires no other presentation. A holiday here is the best deal on the Atlantic coast! The city of Portugal is Porto, home to port wine. But there is much more in this city than excessive consumption in the cellars. The entire coast is covered with fish restaurants directly from the sea. Do not forget to visit the art museums and galleries while strolling through the old streets.


  • While Spain has large, fast-moving cities with international companies, that’s not what the country is known for. It is best known for its breathtaking nature, which includes some of the best beaches in the world, impressive ancient architecture and the relaxed atmosphere that will allow you to enjoy the delicious local gastronomy. Everyone has heard everything about Barcelona. Fewer people know a small town called Girona, just an hour and a half away, where you can have anything with lower prices and fewer people. An outdoor enthusiast will surely enjoy the Andalusian plains (seen in the scenes of Game of Thrones Dothraki). And if you want to eat and dine, do not forget to visit the gastronomic capital of the Basque Autonomous Community of San Sebastian.


  • Another Game of Thrones target on the list: The King’s Landing scene was shot mainly in Dubrovnik. But this corner of the Mediterranean has a lot to offer, even if you’re not a fan. The capital city of Zagreb is less well-known to tourists, but the inhabitants go every weekend to “┼ápica”. It is like a little carnival without opportunity, but only to show. As for the nightlife, you know that it starts in the Balkans just before midnight. The city also has the highest density of museums in the world. And since it is summer, it would be a shame to miss the opportunity to discover Croatia’s most picturesque Adriatic coast with its variety of medieval towns like Split.


  • Greece is no unknown destination. But the recent financial crisis has made it much more affordable – unless, of course, you stay in the center of Athens. There are plenty of seafood, organic fruits and vegetables at unbelievable prices, you can save a lot on food here. You can spend the money saved in the art districts of Exarchia and Psiri in wine cellars, jazz clubs and much more. And if you want to leave the city, the Peloponnese is full of old towns and sandy beaches, much quieter than the Aegean islands.


  • This post-Soviet country had its limits since 1991, when the USSR collapsed. Nevertheless, we hardly know anything other than what we hear on the news. Due to this relatively low tourist exposure, Ukraine has managed to stay INCREDIBLY cheap! A pint of beer costs you about $ 1, or less, if you’re lucky, and a full dinner at a restaurant of consumer resources should be no less than $ 10. You can stroll through Lviv’s shabby-chic museums and historic monuments (just compete with those in Prague and Budapest!) Or enjoy the vibrant nightlife and sun-drenched beaches of Odessa.


  • In many ways, Madrid is like many other international cities – Spain’s largest city, the largest population, the capital and the center of international affairs. But before you jump to conclusions, be quiet … if you listen carefully, you can hear the sweet melodies of the Spanish guitar, the rush of a flamenco dancer’s skirt and the happy laughter of a full lunch with too many glasses of sangria. Yes, Madrid is for travelers interested in famous paintings and amazing architecture, but it is also and perhaps more for those who are looking for a good time without hurry.
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