10 Spending Hacks for College Students

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College offers students a feeling of independence that leads them to secure part-time jobs as they go about their education. There is a growing need to save up and sustain yourself, as you get older. Luckily, for you, technology has brought about numerous saving strategies that are applicable y college students. The idea is to make the most out of what you already have. Use your resources to get an extra coin. This read will recommend to you some of the most common and effective spending hacks for college students in this era.

The Top Spending Hacks for College Students

  1. Get a reward card- These are cards that offer their clients rewards for every use or purchase that they make. For example, paying for a book using a reward card could earn you an all expense paid trip. Payment for this trip will help you save money during holidays. Other credit card companies give discounts when it comes to certain purchases. You will have to be acquainted with the stores that offer reward programs and loyalty programs.
  2. Use one card for all- Organize your credit cards and combine them to form one multipurpose card. This card can hold numerous credit cards, gift cards, membership, and loyalty, at the same time. You no longer have to carry all your cards. You could just scroll through all your cards and select the one that fits your situation. Now, there are two options for multipurpose cards, they are Wallaby and Coin. Peruse through their details and select the option that best fits your needs.
  3. Notifications and budgeting via mint- This account lets you synchronize all your accounts and view them in one location. It helps you set up financial goals and track them down. Keep track of your spending by synchronizing it through all your electronic gadgets. It will notify you f any changes made to your accounts such as bills and alerts about low balance. It has really colorful and relatable flow charts that offer you an insight on how you are managing your finances
  4. Digitalize your wallet- You can now store all your financial characters on your electronic device. These characters include generic cards, store cards, event tickets, boarding passes, and even store coupons, among other payment options. You will have access to your finances through the barcode readers that are available in most stores, airlines, cinemas, and even restaurants.
  5. Budget applications- For most students, their finances are limited by their parents or providers. This makes it even harder to manage your finances and needs. However, with this wide range of budget applications, you can limit your funds to meet your needs. They include:
    • ATM Hunter allows the user to find the closest ATM in their vicinity. This saves time and fuel that would have been used to search for one. It also allows users to avoid walking around with cash as it makes it even harder to avoid purchasing irrelevant items. The user could search for their specific bank ATM in the area.
    • Scoutmob allows you to find restaurants that are offering deals that meet your budget. Instead of spending all your weekly allowance on Sephora meals, you could now manage your finances by selecting offer options in restaurants near you. The application will send you a notification each time you get into a restaurant or store.
    • Cash-strapped- You can manage your finance through this application. The user has the option of setting up a fixed monthly or weekly budget for their income. Each time you spend your money on food or anything relatable, you simply have to key in its cost and the application will let you know how much more you have to spend for the specified period.
    • PayMeBack- Are you tired of losing count of how much money your friends owe you. This application will fit your needs. It allows the user to keep track of every penny lent out and cancels out information once the due is paid.
  1. Student discounts- Most students have no idea that retailers and stores actually offer student discounts. All you need is a proof of identification, which in most cases is the school identity card. Carry it to museums, restaurants, cinemas, and even shopping malls. The student status will have a great impact on your finances.
  2. Amazon student- Purchase your coursework and course books at an affordable price through this Amazon option. With the aid of barcodes, you can now purchase your Amazon boos at a discount. In addition to this, Amazon student allows the student to actually sell their books and coursework for an Amazon gift card. Thus, you can comfortably sell your past textbooks in exchange for a gift. This amazing offer also allows students to have two days of free shipping, just for signing into Amazon as students.
  3. Living Social Daily and Monitor Groupon- These two sites are well equipped to boost your social status in the campus. Be aware of any social event happening within your area and use their deals to save up to ninety percent of your fiancés. They offer discounts and deals on travel, restaurants, entertainment, and events.
  4. Rent out your books- As you advance to your next college year, you might not really need your textbooks. Take advantage of this by renting them out to students who need them the most. Make sure you keep track of every book to avoid going at a loss. In addition to this, legitimize your business by providing terms to your clients, especially relating to loss or damage of your books. This will help you maintain the business.
  5. Use social media platforms for budgeting tips- Social media is not just about socializing. There are numerous options available in social media that can benefit your financial situation. For example, you could use a social media platform such as Pinterest that have budgeting tips that you could possibly apply in your life.  In addition to this, you could follow and keep track of the profiles of influential people who could help and guide you in becoming an entrepreneur.
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