13 Must-Have Gadgets for College Dorms

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Joining college is exhilarating. The thought of having a new life around new people, making new friends, and for some people, it means moving out from their family home for the first time. The idea of new possibilities might be sending jitters down the spine. Moving into a new dorm room is exciting because of the idea of getting your independence for the first time.

A dorm room is full of potential. There are numerous options for decorating and accessorizing your room. It is advisable that you start your shopping with a list of your essentials. A few crucial gadgets can transform your dorm room from a hall into a multifunctional space that supports reading leisure, and sleep. This read will guide you through some essential dorm room gadgets for college students in this era.

Top Gadgets for a Standard Dorm Room
1. Three-in-one breakfast station- As you start out in college, you will have to register for classes and some of them will be scheduled to start at dawn. If you are not a “morning person”, then this device was custom-made just for you. The breakfast station has numerous models come in varying shapes and sizes inclusive of a griddle, toaster, and a coffeemaker.

2.Mini fridge- This gadget is convenient for students who lack the time to shop or finish their meals. You can conveniently store your perishables and left over for a rainy day. Mini fridges come in various sizes, meaning that they can actually fit into your restricted dorm room space.

3.Robotic vacuum- This amazing device will help you maintain the hygiene in your room. It is convenient for cleaning a small space, in comparison to the space that an average vacuum cleaner takes up. Storage is very convenient as it can fit easily into your closet or under a table or bed.

4. Digital media player- After spending the entire day burying your head in books, you might feel like unwinding at the end of the day. It might be through watching a movie, television series, or even listening to your favorite songs.

5. USB Hub- This device will definitely be beneficial to people who have numerous electronic devices. This hub will provide enough USB ports for all your devices. You will no longer have to disconnect some devices just so you could get access to others.

6. Hard drive- This backup device will store anything from your computer files to your college projects. Its portable nature and size make it highly convenient to carry around campus on a daily basis. In addition to this, it is very affordable in most electronic stores.

7. Bluetooth speaker- Sometimes the smart phone and computer in-built speakers are just not enough to provide you with good quality surround sound. This is where Bluetooth speakers come in handy. These speakers pump up the volume and bring life into your dorm room.

8. Surge-protecting power strip- Does your room have fewer power outlets? For most students, the situation worsens once they realize that they have a roommate and the room only has a single power outlet. These power strips are multipurpose since they allow the user to plug in multiple devices and they protect the devices from power surges. Power surges could cause a fire and destroy devices.

9. Bheestie bag- Campus is where most people tend to make mistakes that shape their future. You might decide to host a party or attend one. One thing might lead to another and your phone might end up inside a bowl of refreshments or inside a cooking pan full of soup, or even the shower or pool. The possibilities are endless. Reduce the anxiety and depression that follows by buying a Bheestie bag. This bag holds ultra-absorbent beads that will help your phone dry out and reduce any costs that you might incur.

10. Electronic safe- Switching from the home environment to a very new independent environment may not be as liberating as you think. You will meet new personalities and traits. Theft might be a possible effect of some of these interactions. A good security system will maintain your peace as you go about your campus duties and obligations. Secure your documentation, valuable belongings, and even finances with this reliable device.

11. Grovemade desk collection- This is essential for any dorm room. You need an area that can hold all your books and stationery. It should even be able to accommodate a computer. This collection has a variety of wooden pieces that come in different shapes and sizes. These handcrafted beauties are specifically designed for college students as they come with a variety of desk essentials. These essentials include a desk lamp, track pad tray, wrist pad, mouse pad with stylus holder, plant holder, keyboard tray, iPhone dock, penholder, monitor stand, and a laptop stand. You have the option of handpicking some of your best pieces for a more personalized setup. This collection is obviously quite expensive, but worth every penny.

12. Google Chromecast- This is the key to uninterrupted streaming. Plug it into your monitor and television for uninterrupted Netflix streaming. In addition to this, it is able to receive video content from your smart device. Its compatibility marches a wide array of streaming applications such as HBO Now, Hulu, YouTube, and even Netflix.

13. Nest Cam home monitoring system- This may seem like overstepping but it might be handier than you think. If your campus roommate does not appreciate personal space, then this is the appropriate device for your situation. You can track whatever they take at any time of the day and night. The Nest app allows the user to have a live feed of whatever goes on in their space. It has a motion and sound detector that notifies you in case of any unusual occurrences. Setting up this amazing system is easy; you may not even require any help. The aforementioned are some of the many features that this system has to offer.

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