Life Hack: How to Be a Morning Person

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How can you become a morning person?

Mornings may be rough for some of us, but there are advantages to waking up with the sun. You could be one of those people who rise at dawn, go for a run and leaves home an hour before everyone else crawls out of their bed. It’s really possible to enjoy the early hours of the day instead of loathing them.

Becoming a morning person is so much easier than you might think. You can train yourself to be more alert in the mornings than in the evenings, but in order for that to happen, you need to make mornings a time to look forward to by changing your approach and activities.  We have some tips to make waking up with the sun easier.

Get more sleep: In order to become a morning person, you need to schedule 7-9 hours of sleep into your day. Getting enough sleep is the most essential part of our health and what we get from sleep cannot be supplemented elsewhere. No matter how busy and tight your schedule is, to achieve maximum productivity in your daily activities you need to get a healthy dose of sleep on a regular basis. Getting enough sleep will help you change other habits and increase your production levels.

Turn everything off: Turn off your TV or at least make sure there a few screens in the bedroom. Laptops, tablets, and TV can be a huge distraction which can cause us to go to bed late. Most people spend their entire day looking at screens and this can overwork the brain.  Let your room be a place for relaxation and sleep while you can watch your TV from your couch. If you really need to use your phone or laptop in your room, adjust the brightness of the screen to be as dim as possible.

Create a nighttime routine: Having a nighttime routine will help you shut down activities early and go to sleep. Whatever routine you choose to follow, ensure that it will give you a calming experience and one you will want to repeat every night.

Stop snoozing your alarm: It is best to wake up when you are in the least deep of sleep. Make use of apps like Sleep Time to set an alarm. Sleep Time makes use of your frequency waves of sleep and sound to know when you are no longer in a deep sleep. The moment you are awake, get up and get moving immediately.

Get up at the same time every day: Once you start a routine, you won’t need an alarm to wake you up because your body will adjust to waking up at the same time every day. Also, limit the time you spend sleeping in on weekends as this might throw off your body’s rhythm.

Let the light in: Opening up the windows to let the morning rays in maybe what your body needs to keep you awake. Going outside for at least 15 minutes exposes you to natural light thereby reducing symptoms of depression.  

Work out: Building a workout routine will help you release bad toxins in your body that negatively affects your sleep. Working out every morning before you step out goes a long way in making you more inclined to eat healthier, have an increased metabolism and energy.

Everyone one should have a plan of action when it comes to becoming a morning person. Because being a morning person may actually be good for our health too. Regardless of the situation, always find a way to reset the body and happily greet the day.

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