10 Ways to Easily Navigate the Holidays With Recently Divorced Parents

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Getting done with a school year may be one of the best things that may happen and one is normally very excited to spend the holidays with the parents. At times some holidays may be short while others may actually be very long such as Christmas or even spring break. One may easily be wondering how best hey may adapt to moving back home or the long holiday and how they will manage to live in a place where rules apply and where one is now again under the authority of someone else. This may easily affect how individuals deal with their parents during the holidays.

At times, one may not realize it but things tend to go wrong during marriages and divorces happen. One may easily come for a holiday only to be told that their parents will be separating or divorcing very soon. This is not one of the best news to just be ambushed with as it’s a lot to take in and to adjust to as there are things that will change since now not both parties are presents during the holiday.at times, one may need to step up and parent their own parents but life does go on regardless. Listed below are ten tips whereby one may easily try in order to help get through the rough patch and try to adapt to the changes during the holiday.

  1. Be Yourself

A parents divorce may be hard blow on any individual and this may easily savor the relationship between both parent and the child. They may either decide to cut ties or even not bother with the other parent. One needs to understand that is actually is fine not to be okay with the whole situation as it easily makes one easily accept what has happened and allows one to move on. Holding it in or even announcing to the rest of the family members during certain gatherings of how one is feeling may not be the best things as well. One may easily find a family member who they may easily confide in and share how they feel. This is actually a good healing process that one may easily go through as it also helps one accept reality and enjoy the holiday.

  1. Create Boundaries

Boundaries are a good thing that one may easily establish to help deal with the new changes that may happen during the holidays. It actually helps as one is able to easily process the whole situation on their own and have their own personal space. One may easily opt to stay at a hotel or at a friend’s place instead of staying at their childhood home with regard to a recent divorce as this bring a lot of emotional and psychological torture.

  1. Rely On Your Siblings

Siblings are a good supporting system that one may easily lean on as they too are experiencing the same problem that one is going through. This may actually be a very good thing as it is a coping strategy that one may easily use to get through the holidays. In the event that one has no siblings, they may confide in a friend who may have gone through a similar problem. This actually helps a lot. As a problem half shared, is half solved.

  1. Host Some Event at the Family Home

Such events tend to help one get distracted and just remove all the tension that one may be having during the whole adjusting process with regard to the divorce. Having people around helps one not overthink about a lot of things and one may easily just focus on the event instead of the current crisis during the holidays.

  1. Humor

Laughing at times and just being around people who are happy is also very therapeutic. One is advised not to delve so much in being sulky and sad just because something is going wrong in the family. Have fun. Go out with friends and family and just be happy. At the end of the day life has to go on regardless of the situation looking so bad. Life still has to go on regardless of there being many huddles that one may have to jump over in order to help cope with the whole situation.

  1. Be Open about Where One Wants To Spend Their Holiday

At times, being the good child is not always the answer nor is following what the parents say the best answer as one may easily just avoid certain holiday events if they so wish. It actually is okay to say no at times. One may decide to do their own thing and easily let go of their own guilt because it is not worth being stressed about as one’s happiness is key.

  1. One Needs To Remember That They Aren’t Responsible 

Guilt tripping oneself is not the best thing to do as it may easily affect an individual be it during the holiday or even during any break. In order for one to have fun during the holiday, one needs to easily let go and let things just happen.

  1. Excuse The Family Members.

In the event that one is a gathering and there is no story coming up about why a certain family member is not present, one may easily dismiss it as the family may just not want to lump that burden on an individual again as divorces tend to be worse on the children. One may easily just excuse them and have fun with the family members who are presents

  1. One Is Never Alone

One needs to understand that it may not be easy, but they are not alone in the whole process. There are others that one may simply rely on to go through the holidays and still have fun while at it. Holidays don’t have to be gloomy. Just share if one needs to and learn to live at the moment.

  1. Move On

Staying in the past can be very damaging. One needs to accept what has happened and just move on from everything. It may take time but it is not impossible.

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