Life Hack: Easy Journal System

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I’ve always wanted to be a person that journals but have been inconsistent with actually doing it.  However, I have a new journal hack I started using that I’ve actually stuck with – mainly because I can do it in a few minutes each day.  

Here’s how it works:

Each day has a box.  Within that box, there are a number of data points that are driven by a key. You can formulate your own key based on what you want to track and reflect on.  Below is my key as an example. You simply cut and paste the templated box ea. day and then input the prior day’s data. This takes less than a couple minutes to complete.  I use Google Drawing as the software which is free and on the cloud so it’s convenient and accessible.


I’ve found this system very useful as I can reflect on each day at a glance. Just the act of recording the data each day gets me thinking about the things that I’ve deemed to be important which increases the likelihood I will accomplish them in the future.  

Most importantly given the simplicity and efficiency of making the entries each day I have stuck with it. Execution is always key!

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