College Life: How to Deal with Stress

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How to Deal With Stress

Getting stressed about everything is part of going to school. As a college student having stress in your life is normal and can hardly be avoided. Stress is something you can control and it requires that you develop coping skills that will help you relax once college life starts becoming too stressful. Here are some ideas that will help you manage college stress and have more room for fun.

Tips to minimize or avoid stress

Don’t stress about being stressed

As funny as this may sound, it is common to feel like you’re on an edge and everything is falling apart when you’re feeling stressed. The best way to handle stress is it admit it and figure out how to avoid it.

Get organized

Tidy up your desk space, make a list and use a calendar to stay organized.  A calendar will help you keep to class schedule, study times, assignment due dates, social events and anything that will take up your time.


Once you have scheduled events on your calendar or planner, add a priority tag on the most urgent items. Make use of color code as these will help you set priority and make choices on how to spend your time.

Schedule backward

Cultivate the habit of setting self-imposed due dates which are backdated from the due date. This will help you complete long-term assignments and large projects. It will also save you from pulling an all-nighter.

Start a routine

When you schedule how things are done, when they should be done, and how to go about those events, the less stress you will feel. A routine helps put you in check and be on top of your game.


Exercise has proven to be one of the ways to combat stress and gain weight. Most college students find it difficult to make out time for exercises. Even if you are only able to work out for 10 minutes. These exercises help you release tension, elevate your mood and keep your body healthy.

Try Yoga

Yoga is the best form of exercise for college students, and many college gyms offer Yoga classes. It is an exciting way to relax with friends while you enjoy total health benefits.

Get enough sleep

Due to busy schedules, so many college students find it difficult to get enough sleep. However, to stay stress-free and healthy, it is important to have at least 8 hours of sleep. Take advantage of power naps, go to bed at reasonable hours if you must get up early. To be at your best at any time, you need to get adequate sleep.  

Eat right

Eating healthy and balanced meals set you up to do your best. While junk foods and fast foods may be convenient, cheap and plentiful, it won’t help you perform your best. Make it a routine to eat vegetables, drink a lot of water, and eat foods like nuts, avocados, berries, oatmeal, tea, and bananas. These foods are proven to help you fight stress.

Take the day off

The best way to clear your mind is by changing your routine or pace. Spend the day alone resting or with your roommate and college friends. You can plan a road trip with your friends as this will help you gain a fresh perspective.

Stay connected to home

Being away from home can be difficult for most college students and these could be the reason for their stress. It is important to call, email and video call your family. The family love and affection can go a long way to make you feel better.

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