9 Brain Training Apps for College Students

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College life is an exciting adventure that provides opportunities for new experiences. College is a busy time as you juggle your academics, your social life, extracurricular activities, campus events, sporting events, sleep, work and many other activities.
Without proper planning, it is very easy to become overwhelmed and stressed out. This will have a direct consequence on your academics. Your brain is one of the most useful organs and training your brain is a sure way to stay on top of your priorities. Here are some of the best brain training apps to use as a college student.

1. Luminosity

Luminosity is a learning app that comprehensively focuses on the five major areas of cognitive education which include attention, memory, speed, flexibility, and problem-solving.

The app also allows you to customize what aspects of cognitive education you would like to strengthen. Luminosity serves as your daily mental workout. The app is free and you can easily access via an Android download or iOs download.

2. QuotEd

This phone app helps to develop your reading comprehension abilities and raise your test scores using different levels of standardized tests. They help you prepare for the SAT, LSAT or GRE tests through different training programs.

You can customize the app by selecting which standardized test level you would like to accomplish and once you reach it, new test questions and inspiring quotes are sent daily to your mobile device to ensure your learning is consistent.
You can also customize your training program for longer and more comprehensive questions for a greater challenge. The app currently costs $9.99 and you can access it via an Android download or iOs download.

3. Fit Brains Trainer

This app offers brain training games and focuses on five main areas of learning: visual, speed, memory, concentration and problem-solving. As is the case with most games, there are varying categories for beginners, intermediate and advanced users. You only move up to the next level once you’ve mastered each skill.

This app explains to you which specific skill you’re learning with each game and how you’re training your mind to function optimally under pressure. The app is free and easily accessible via an Android or iOs download.

4. Daily Art

For college students who are taking an Art class or simply for any Art enthusiast, this app is a great way to hone and deepen your art knowledge and season your art repertoire. This app gives you a daily dose of art culture in the form of classic paintings ranging from the 1500s to the 1980s.

Each day you receive information about a piece of art and this information details interesting aspects of the painting and the artist and a link to more information if you so desire. This app is free and accessible via an Android or iOs download.

5. Lingua.ly

This app helps users to learn a wide variety of languages ranging from Spanish to Chinese to French to Arabic. The one prerequisite to using this app is that you should be speaking English.

This app works by helping you collect words through the app’s dictionary feature and then automatically practice questions are created to quiz you. As you progress in your learning, you can also customize flashcards with new words and images and increase the difficulty of your practice questions.

The app also provides suggestions on which articles you can read in your chosen language as you gain proficiency. This app is free and accessible via an Android or iOs download.

6. Geo Master Plus

This app helps you become a master in geography and it works by using a number of games to help users develop the ability to accurately identify important geographical features and elements around the world.

There are more than 40 high-quality resolution maps of different countries and continents that you can peruse and also learn about different seas, mountains, monuments, provinces, and capitals.

As you increase your knowledge, the app has several quizzes that help test your new-found knowledge. This app costs $1.99 and is accessible via an Android or iOs download.

7. TED

TED is a great resource for learning by listening to an expert. This app gives you access to thousands of videos whereby people from all over the world share their knowledge and expertise on a wide variety of areas including finance, technology, science, music, politics and many others.

This app gives you a valuable opportunity to be exposed to world class conferences and seminars and experience the valuable tips and insights from experts without having to travel for miles and pay for transport and entrance fees! This app is free and is easily accessible via an Android or iOs download.

8. LearnDiscovery

This app is perfect for visual learners because it employs the use of knowledge maps to teach a wide array of topics. These maps are basically multimedia spreads that contain information and images that are suited and relevant to a particular topic.

There are millions of knowledge maps to choose from and they include videos, paintings, links, photographs and deeply informative text blurbs that help you to master a particular stream of knowledge.

The visual and straightforward presentation of information in this app is designed to help you effectively assimilate and retain new knowledge. You can also save information that you find particularly useful and even share with others on social media. This app is free and available via an iOs download.

9. Khan Academy

The goal of this app is to provide free and first-rate education to learners all over the world. This is run by a non-profit organization that helps learners to expand their skills in math, humanities, and science in simpler ways than the traditional classroom settings.

This app is a learning hub that hosts tutorials, videos, interviews, and articles to help students overcome their educational challenges. With this app, you can start learning from where you are comfortable at and choose the next level to go to. This app is free and accessible via an Android or iOs download.

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